Suits Season 6: Will Rachel also leave the firm?

Cinema 29 December, 2016

Aaron Korsh, the showrunner of Suits, confided in the second part of season 6 and especially on the character of Rachel.
What if Rachel also left Specter & Litt? In the final summer season 6 Suits , which aired last September on USA Network, Jessica Pearson left the firm, leaving Harvey and Louis supported. This will once again shake the business and we are already wondering how the two characters will get by. They will have to continue rebuilding the firm but it may well be that Rachel also leaves the ship, because according to the US site TVLine , Robert Zane will propose “a job offer at the beginning of episode 11” to his daughter Rachel , According to Aaron Korsh. “Her father is going to say, ‘Well, it was one thing when Jessica was there, she’s gone, and I’m not sure if the firm can survive without her. Is she staying at Pearson Specter, or working for her father? ” , Added the showrunner of Suits.
Rachel may end up in a complicated situation. His father can be very persuasive, and she will feel surely liable vis-à-vis Harvey and Louis for everything they have done for her . She will therefore choose between her family and her loyalty. Now that his mentor left the firm, it is true that Rachel may end up a little lost and you know what you think Robert Zane of the firm and Harvey: “In his head, and potentially in real life, [Rachel ] certainly have a better chance to succeed the bar if she leaves the firm hired an impostor and move forward ” . One imagines that she will confide to Mike in order to make the right decision and one wonders what her fiancé thinks. Waiting to know his answer, we invite you to discover the synopsis of the second part of the season 6 of Suits on melty. What do you think Rachel is going to do?