Suits season 7: Episode 5, what will happen?

Cinema 5 August, 2017

Episode 5 of season 7 of Suits will be broadcast on August 9 on the American channel USA Network. Discover what awaits you in “Brooklyn Housing”!

At the end of episode 4 of season 7 of Suits, of which you can read our review on melty, Mike made the decision to start working on the deal he gave Oliver. Harvey asked him to stay out of it and he even signed a paper promising that he would no longer be involved. So, will Mike lie to Harvey and do this in secret? Well, if we believe the video of episode 5 of season 7 of Suits , which you can see above, it would seem that yes. You can hear Mike tell Oliver that they have to hurry up their business before it gets too dangerous for him.

Did Mike make the right choice?
If one thinks of the problems that this may cause between Mike and Harvey, it should not be forgotten that this could also displease Rachel. We can also see her confront Mike about the things he hides from her. Apparently, secrets and lies will be at the heart of this episode of season 7 of Suits , since even the old shrink and new girlfriend Harvey hides things and confides in Louis! What is going on ? In any case, if Harvey voluntarily decides to entrust Louis with his former therapist, it will be a great step forward for their relationship. Otherwise, Donna could recruit another person in “Brooklyn Housing” .