Sulphurous Barbara Gandolfi judged for defrauding Jean-Paul Belmondo

Entertainment 7 December, 2016

Tuesday, Barbara Gandolfi appeared before the Criminal Court of Bruges. She is accused of swindling 200,000 euros to Jean-Paul Belmondo, which she shared life for four years.

The connection between Jean Paul Belmondo and Barbara Gandolfi has always felt the pain. The actor has often been criticized for having lived and having displayed on the red carpet with the former model buxom and 40 years old younger than him . Their relationship finally ended in 2012, but Bebel has not done so far with his former girlfriend.
Barbara Gandolfi is indeed accused of having extorted money to Jean-Paul Belmondo by the time they lived together. EUR 200 000 exactly. At the time, the Belgian operated several nightclubs with his partner and former partner Frederic Vanderwilt and the legend of French cinema would have lent him 200,000 euros to help.
The prosecution suspects Barbara Gandolfi scam and maintains that it has withdrawn the money to Jean-Paul Belmondo then that she claims to have repaid the entire sum to the principal party . FYI, the actor has not made civil party in this case.
Following his appearance Tuesday before the Criminal Court of Bruges, the judge will rule on 3 January.