Super Bowl 2017: Lady Gaga prepares the best performance of her career

Entertainment 31 January, 2017

A few days before the Super Bowl 2017, we know a little more about what should be the best performance of Lady Gaga’s career.
Ready to party? As the 2017 Super Bowl approaches, details about Lady Gaga’s performance continue to flow. Yes, Sunday night, it will occur for more than 10 minutes during the halftime of the football game the most watched of the year before and more than 100 million viewers across the Atlantic . Therefore, the interpreter of “Perfect Illusion” account delight his fans and to fill their eyes to others. The most expensive performance in history, the Lady Gaga live at the Super Bowl should quickly become the topic of conversation in the coming hours. And this is partly explained by the uniqueness of this service. Magazine Billboard , Lady Gaga explained there is little: “There is the possibility for us to use every centimeter of the stage for dynamic times.” Professional and ultra perfectionist, Lady Gaga repeat loop for weeks.
Thus, his manager Bobby Campbell adds: “For us, the live Super Bowl is [Lady Gaga] showing players how to land the stadium for the match She trains for that athlete as she stops at.. Nothing to deliver the best performance of his life.This is the type of live for which one works all his life and it is obvious that it is made for this moment. And while that we finally know the identity of the star who will play the American national anthem at the Super Bowl , the manager of Lady Gaga continues: “She has a heart that is expressed in everything she does and. We want to bring people together for these twelve and a half minutes to celebrate the game, the athletes, the sport but I also want people to remember that they can conquer an audience like the Super Bowl. ” As a reminder, the Super Bowl 2017 is to see in clear and live, Sunday night, from 23:55 on W9. And you, what do you expect of this performance?