Super Bowl 2017: The identity of the star who will sing the American anthem revealed

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

Finally we know the identity of the artist who will sing the American national anthem at the Super Bowl 2017. And it is about ….
Luke Bryan ! It’s the country music singer who was chosen to sing the American national anthem at the upcoming Super Bowl in 2017 . On February 5, the artist who has released five albums, the last Kill the Lights date of 2015, just before singing Lady Gaga, who confirmed a first title of his performance for the Super Bowl . Big pressure for this artist from Georgia and little known in France: “Hell, I’ll do Is singing the national anthem is a challenge Yes Is it stressful nervously Yes!?.?. but I moved from Nashville to follow my dreams and sing the national anthem on the scene could not be more enormous, ” he told the website People . Last year, it was Gaga who held the position. Now she takes the reins of the half-time.
Lady Gaga has already planned everything and repeats tirelessly to ensure us a show of sick. The star should sing alone and not accompanied by special guests as was the case last year. Coldplay had surrounded himself with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars to boost the hearings. But for the Mother Monster, not about being bitten star . The one who is preparing for this performance since her childhood offers us a breathtaking spectacle that could start on the roof of the stadium. Just that. In the meantime, she will be able to encourage Luke Bryan and give her some advice. Hopefully for him to follow the path of the interpreter of “Born This Way” in the coming years. What do you think of this choice made by the NFL?