Super Dragon Ball: Episode 67, what place for the Supreme King Zeno?

Cinema 15 November, 2016

While Zamasu seems defeated, Zeno will land in episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super. What will he decide, and especially what role can he hold in the rest of the series?
There is no one above him. In episode 67 of Dragon Ball Great, Zeno Supreme King will land in the future Trunks. We remember, during the visit of Goku in his palace, he had given the Saiyan a kind of remote control that allows the person using it to call Zeno and bring him instantly. Goku should be used from the next episode, or before defeating Zamasu or after. If it is above – and that would mean that Trunks was unable to kill – we imagine while Zeno, seeing Kaio Shin becoming an evil being, will not like and make it disappear, thus ending Trunks arc. In any case, we imagine that the Supreme King will rebuke (as Beerus) our friends on the fact of time travel and order Trunks to never do it again .
Farewell Trunks will therefore certainly very moving, it may never see his friends. But the presence of Zeno could have a different goal: to make the transition to the next arc of the series! It is not known what will be the theme, but it’s a safe bet that Zeno Goku announces it has completed the organization of the famous martial arts tournament between the 12 universe. So after a few episodes lighter and maybe a mini-arc as the history of Potafu, we would find our heroes face a slew of new fighters. It must be said that after the severity and arc voltage Trunks, we would not say no to a good big tournament. And then the Budokai Tenkaichi is the essence of the saga, so we want more. And when it comes to signing, there was in the episode 66 of Dragon Ball Super that unity is strength , as in every story of the work of Akira Toriyama.