Super Dragon Ball: Episode 67, Zeno landed, unveiled the trailer!

Cinema 13 November, 2016

After discovering the huge battle episode 66 of Dragon Ball Super, a very important character will make his return in next Sunday’s episode. Discover the trailer now!
The ultimate personal! We have just witnessed a very intense episode 66 of Dragon Ball Super wherein Vegetto entered the scene. The fusion between Goku and Vegeta is still cool, and we would have liked to see even longer in the series! But hey all good things must end, as is the case for bow Trunks, which should end with episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super, after we have enjoyed for several months .. Indeed Zamasu should succeed to survive after the fatal blow with the sword of Trunks, but a character with much more power will land. This is Zeno, the Supreme King, who could end the fight in a radical way. We let you discover the trailer of episode 67 of DBS!
Here also the synopsis of episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super, whose title was recently unveiled . It is titled “Farewell Trunks”, and to sum up: “Can they really protect the future last fight against Zamasu Trunks attacked Zamasu filled with a strength of the hope of all mankind But Zamasu!?! which was supposed to be defeated, reappears as a strange shape and covers the sky more and more! Goku he has found the ultimate solution to overcome Zamasu? a new Goku crisis threatens and others with Zamasu who lost his do body will they have no choice but to abandon But Goku finds something in his pocket …!? (translation: Goku is going to appeal to Zeno How it will react! Zamasu face? the end is near, so strongly next week!