Super Dragon Ball: Episode 68, Beerus not kidding, our recap!

Cinema 28 November, 2016

After the arc Trunks, up to off-set based comedy that begins with a new onset of Shenlong. Here is our recap ‘of the episode 68 of Dragon Ball Super!

dragon-ball-super-episode-69-episode-68-69Back to basics! While arc Trunks of the future had a perfect ending to the episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super , it is now time for our friends to just chill through much lighter than stories around Zamasu. So we find Goku, who decided to gather the seven dragon balls to resurrect the North Kaio (from the time). Good an inconsistency since we clearly have that Shenron was invoked there less than a year . Even if he had not heard the three vows, the ball dragons have become the single stones. Let’s move. Finally several characters are struggling to themselves also make a wish, and found a nice little flashback of beginning of Dragon Ball and Oolong with Pilaf.
We will not hide it, the episode is not really funny, not used much. Its only interest is in the will of Bulma to build a new Time Machine despite the formal prohibition of Beerus. She asks Goku to fetch him a critical crystal trip back in time, but is grilled by the god of Destruction. Our Beerus remains stylish when it destroyed the crystal and the Time Machine, seems to say “I’m the boss.” Well, it’s nice small episodes like that but we we want to see the new arc very quickly! We’ll have to wait a little, even if the result looks nicer with the crossover episode 69 of Dragon Ball Super . Dr Slump X Dragon Ball!