Super Dragon Ball: Episode 68, the resurrection of Kaio, unveiled the trailer!

Cinema 20 November, 2016

After discovering the incredible denouement of the episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super, our friends are going to call Shenron again in next Sunday’s episode!

dragon-ball-super-episode-67-episode-68-69An end that no one had imagined! The very successful arc Trunks just ended with episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super and unexpected ending. All’s well that ends well for our hero, who will be able to look to the future. Precisely, the titles of the episodes 68-71 unveiled the new arc of Dragon Ball Super , while the next episode should begin now customary transition between the big stories. The next week so we will be entitled to the Shenlong, and a conflict over the desire to fulfill by many characters appear! All that is discovered in the trailer of episode 68, we’ll let you watch.
What intrigues most in this trailer, that the threatening attitude of Beerus face young Trunks and Goten. Why destroy this crystal? Otherwise, the humor should be at the rendezvous with characters like Oolong, Pilaf or Roshi. A summary of the episode: “Goku goes in search of the 7 Dragon Balls to revive Kaio (perhaps North Kaio) But it seems that Bulma and the others already have another wish to make.?” After the tension of the last episodes, we can appreciate a little levity in DBS during a few episodes before returning Hit, the assassin of the universe 6 the next arc of the series.