Super Dragon Ball: Episode 69, delusional crossover, our recap !

Cinema 5 December, 2016

Big breath of fresh air that this crossover, which has respected the spirit of good WTF Dr Slump, while bringing the action to DBZ. Here is our recap ‘of the episode 69 of Dragon Ball Super!

dragon-ball-super-episode-69-episode-68-69Arale stronger than Goku? This week ‘s episode 69 of Dragon Ball Super has offered a crossover between the series and the manga Dr. Slump in tribute to the 35 years of the work written and drawn by Akira Toriyama before it embarks on the adventure Dragon Ball. So for the youngest among us, Dr. Slump is a humorous manga, filled with crazy characters. The presence of Dr. Norimaki (aka Dr. Slump) is justified here by organizing an awards ceremony for the best invention in the world. Bulma and also present with Trunks and Vegeta a little concerned. The arrival of rival Dr. Slump Dr. Mashirito accompanied by Arale and Gatchan it controls, will disrupt the party.
Arale is a powerful robot, very powerful. When the girl wants to play (ie fighting) even Vegeta gets a rouste! Ultimately it is Goku, that passage has raised a particular haircut, which takes over. He and Arale know they have already met the year before, when the young Saiyan fighting Army Red Ribbon. We loved all the references, and the second level displayed by the characters themselves. And best of all, the presence of Beerus, very well introduced. Our God of Destruction is decidedly all the stories, and it will also next Sunday in episode 70 of Dragon Ball and Super reunion with his brother Champa. It was in any case a good laugh in this true special issue, which brings us to the most beautiful hours of Dragon Ball comic. Refreshing!