Super Dragon Ball: Episode 69, the trailer for the crossover unveiled!

Cinema 27 November, 2016

So we began a phase-out series in Super Dragon Ball, another manga will interfere in the series in episode 69, which here is the trailer!
Fight of the century! Vegetto vs Zamasu? Hit vs Goku? No, Goku against Arale! Good agreement, it is racing maybe a little, but yet it is a high-level confrontation will happen in the next episode of DBS . We saw after the end of the rainbow Trunks Series disseminates some episodes much lighter and humorous that was not the plot around Zamasu. The episode 68 of Dragon Ball Super has shown that the series was aimed at all audiences, no offense to the core fans thirsty for fighting. But the fighting there is going to be in Episode 69, and his trailer shows us even our Goku Super Saiyan and Blue!
As we can see, Vegeta also will be on hand, as many characters of the manga Dr. Slump, written by Akira Toriyama. Here also the summary of the episode, which is entitled: “Arale Goku VS Earth destroyed in a crazy battle!?!” : “The episode will focus on an event called” World Invention Award “rewarding global best inventions. the greatest scientists, including Bulma, are present at the ceremony. the award is given to Senbei Norimaki Penguin Village. While Norimaki presents his invention, Dr. Mashirito attack. Frustrated he did not was invited to the ceremony, it interrupts the ceremony, accompanied by Arale and Gatchan. ” A really cool crossover promises, so do not miss the episode next Sunday!