Super Dragon Ball: Episode 70, reunion with the universe 6, unveiled the trailer!

Cinema 4 December, 2016

After discovering the crossover between Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump with episode 69 of Dragon Ball Super, up to a baseball game between universes 6 and 7 next Sunday!

dragon-ball-super-episode-70-episode-hitChampa is back! Since the end of the rainbow Trunks, DBS entered a period of humorous, non standard, sort of transition before the next arc of the series. The latest, a special crossover episode with characters from the manga Dr. Slump, the first work to hit the author of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama. The battle between Goku and Arale was pretty crazy in episode 69 of Dragon Ball Super! Next week, we remain in the big frenzy with returning characters from the world 6, came to a baseball game against the Z-Team. Champa Vados but Magetta, Botamo and Kyabe! Opposite is Yamcha who appears to be doing better, as can be seen in the trailer of the episode.
Here also the synopsis of episode 70, which will air next Sunday: “Champa Beerus offers a friendly baseball game, supposedly to strengthen the friendship between the Universe 6 and 7 However, its real purpose is to taste again the delicious food of the earth … that’s why he decided to fight against people who do not even know the rules of baseball. “powerful and fast balls to overwhelm the opponent! Yamcha is the second pitcher of the team of the Universe 7, and it goes up on the mound! It sends great fastballs which is the specialty and connects the strike! ” Then it will be the beginning of a new arc with the return of Hit the killer. Deeply!