Super Dragon Ball: The synopsis of the new arc revealed!

Cinema 16 December, 2016

After unveiling the team of the universe 7 in a first visual, now is the synopsis of the new bow before us by Toei! And that announcement very heavy.

It’s official, we go indeed in a whole new adventure DBS! First, a visual first arc of the new Dragon Ball Super has presented the entire team of the 7 world who will participate in inter-universe tournament. With the presence of C-17 or Gohan, we were already excited. But now new information just been unveiled by Toei, the animation studio that produces DBS. For example, we learn that it is Akira Toriyama who is the author of this new history , but also that a trailer should land on the occasion of the Jump Festa 2017 held on 17 and 18 December in Tokyo! Meanwhile the first images, Toei has released the official synopsis of the arc, which we recall is entitled: “The survival of the universe” and a rather new visual damn good!
Here the arc synopsis: “At the request of Goku, a martial arts tournament called the Tournament of Power begins now both Zeno But it also turns out to be the beginning of the destruction of the universe Qu! ‘is what awaits the winners of this tournament, and defeated? How intense battles these teams between the elites of each universe will take place? ” This suggests that the stake of this giant tournament exceeds that of simple competition to be the best universe. Can we imagine that the universe will be losers simply destroyed by Zeno? This promises anyway much tension! Recall that the survival arc of the universe will arrive on February 5, and in the meantime you can discover the excellent manga Dragon Ball spinoff centered on the character of Yamcha!