Super Dragon Ball: The title of episode 67 revealed! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 9 November, 2016

Caution big info! The title of the episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super has just been unveiled, and announces heartbreaking farewell. For who ? They tell you everything!

dragon-ball-super-episode-47-episode-48-arcThis is a spoil who will ask a lot of questions. You are aware that at this moment in DBS, the arc Trunks of the future, which has restored the Dragon Ball saga some of its former glory, is now completed. Inevitably, the final battle looks very heavy in episode 66 of Dragon Ball Super, with the emergence of Vegetto , the merger of Goku and Vegeta. We will have that to achieve conquer the merger of Zamasu but obviously it is unclear if the outcome of this fight. We said that perhaps, given the stakes, that what looks like the final battle the arc last longer than an episode . It probably will not be the case with the views of the episode title 67 of DBS, the latter announcing farewell that promise already a lot of emotion.

Is the title of episode 67, published in a Japanese TV program . “Farewell Trunks” Simply! So yes you have to manage with that pending the issuance of the episode, and get wet a bit by issuing a few assumptions. The most dramatic of course would be a Trunks of sacrifice to save his world from Zamasu. The death of Goku or Vegeta (or both) is impossible, but not that of Trunks. Otherwise, and this is what seems most likely, our hero, after defeating Zamasu, leave the future of Trunks saying goodbye, it no longer has the right to travel in the past . Moreover we imagine an intervention of Zeno himself to her morals. In all cases we wait for this moment, as the next arc of Super Dragon Ball!