Super Dragon Ball: Volume 1 manga scheduled for April 2017 in France!

Cinema 8 November, 2016

It’s official, the Super Dragon Ball manga version of lands in France! The first volume will be released next year, and we give you all the info here.

dragon-ball-super-episode-46-episode-47-episodeAfter a difficult start related to lack of untold stories, the series Dragon Ball Super, which is our recap ‘of episode 65 , now knows a growing success thanks to the bow on the back Trunks of the future. Proof of this is the output at the end of the first episodes of the series on a French channel, Toonami in the case. But if DBS works well, it is also because Akira Toriyama, creator of the Dragon Ball saga, decided to entrust a manga version of the story in one of his heirs, the mangaka Totoyarô . 17 chapters have so far emerged, and in general the feedback is very positive: the DBS manga would be preferred to its animated version! So it’s no surprise that we will discover volume 1 of the manga Dragon Ball Super starting next year in France!
This is Dragon Ball publisher in France, Glénat, who officially announced on his Twitter account. Volume 1, which has 192 pages or 9 chapters, published April 5, 2017. For the moment we do not know the title of the book, but be aware that Volume 1 is already out in Japan, and it is called “the fighters of the universe 6” in reference to inter-universe tournament. I bet that DBS will be as successful in France as the original work, whose 42 volumes -déclinés in several editions – have sold over 18 million copies in the hexagon , for 300 million worldwide. Yes, anyway. While waiting to devour books, discover and anime episode 66 of Dragon Ball Super, which will mark the return of Vegetto next Sunday.