Supergirl: A big secret Hank unveiled next week at Club Series!

Cinema 9 November, 2016

Sеrie Club has released two new episodes of Supergirl and it is time to discover what awaits you after the jump!

supergirl-poster-kara-zor-elTwo new episodes of Supergirl just been broadcast on Sеrie Club , where Kara was faced with new formidable enemies. However, in episodes that will air next week in France, Kara will be a whole new experience about what it means to be a superhero. Indeed, in “Becoming better” , Kara will lose its powers and thus realize what life is really human . Moreover, an earthquake will occur and Kara discovers she does not need his powers to help, while his sister Alex will face Jemm, a Kryptonian criminal. But that’s not all, this episode will reveal something unexpected about Hank and this is a big surprise that will change many things!
In another episode that will air next Wednesday, will offer a new challenge to face our heroine since Astra, his aunt . This latest attempt to convince to join his camp and his plan will endanger humans. To achieve this, Astra will play the card of the family by his niece revelations about his sister. This conversation may disturb that Supergirl thought he knew about his family. Moreover, Kara Cat will also help to find who the person who threatens to expose his secrets to the public. Who can kindly trouble Cat Grant? One thing is certain, the future episodes promise to be the most exciting and know that you can already read our review of episode 7 Supergirl . What do you think?