Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, LoT: Episode 8, Barry and Cisco land, our criticism of the first part of the crossover!

Cinema 29 November, 2016

While the episode 8 of season 2 Supergirl laid the foundations of the crossover event, set back on the main events in “Medusa”!

supergirl-the-flash-saison-2-crossover-episodeThe crossover is on! And yes meltynautes, after months of teasing, it is finally time to discover one of the events of this season. However, if you expected to see The Flash disembark from the first minutes of the episode, you have to be disappointed because it is an almost normal Supergirl adventure we had the pleasure of tasting. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our review of episode 7 of season 2 Supergirl , back on key events in “Medusa” aired last night on the CW . First, know that our hero enjoyed a well-earned break to celebrate Thanksgiving and if we thought Kara finally would know the truth about the Guardian, it is clear that we did not have time for this SINCE a portal formed in the living room being closed as quickly as it had appeared. While we thought that our favorite characters would care as ever, there is ultimately nothing and because they have other fish to fry. Indeed, a powerful virus was released by Cadmus. Intended to destroy all the aliens who have no Kryptonian blood, WD is alert and must quickly find a solution if they do not want the organization eventually achieve his goal. Obviously, Mon-El is danger and this allows Kara to get closer to her and realize that she has feelings for him . However, neither seems to want to admit the truth.
Okay, this little cat and mouse game has a side touching but we still difficult to understand why they hold well. And when My-El finally vanish for good, it is clear that our heroine has been deeply wounded. “Medusa” was also an opportunity to test Lena. If the young woman has always seemed to be in the camp of the Gentiles, we must admit that we have never had total confidence in it. After all, it’s a Luthor. Fortunately, the writers decided to have serious answers about her and be reassured the meltynautes, it is not really bad . And we are delighted! It would have been a little easier than a simple open heart discussion with his daughter gave him suddenly want to destroy all the alien population especially when we recall the number of times Supergirl saved his life. But make no mistake, it is almost certain that his loyalty will be tested again in the second half of the season. Meanwhile, we have witnessed a terribly moving scene between Eliza and Alex. The young woman finally had the courage to make his coming out and her mother’s reaction was simply wonderful. A beautiful message of tolerance as we like!
As for the crossover, it was only launched in the last minutes of the episode though indications of the impending arrival of Barry and Cisco were widely scattered throughout these forty minutes. In the end, we simply learn that a terrible threat has befallen Earth-1 and Kara Barry account to keep its promise and help as he did last year. And the least we can say is that Kara looks really playful with this idea! Unfortunately, this is not the case of Cisco, which is always angry against Barry since he learned that his brother was still alive before he goes back in time and launches the Flashpoint. In short, do not forget that “Medusa” was the final mid-season Supergirl which is why the first part of the crossover was so tied to Arrowverse. Fortunately, the young woman will be present until the end of the week this will allow us to see her interact with the other heroes of the CW and this is clearly the most important thing . As for the episode, it was nice while perhaps less powerful than we could have imagined considering the final mid-season this season. But let us hope that his return will be a real fireworks. Pending more information, discover all the promotional photos of the crossover Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and melty on Supergirl. What did you think of this episode?