Supergirl: Cat Grant will she discover the identity of Supergirl next week on Club Series?

Cinema 17 November, 2016

Find out what awaits you in episodes 9 and 10 of Supergirl to be broadcast next week on Club Series!

supergirl-saison-2-season-2-cat-grant-calistaWhile two new episodes of Supergirl just been broadcast on Série Club we have just discovered the secret of Hank! Hank is actually Martian Manhunter, the last green Martian. One of the most unexpected revelation deepened the character of Hank and offers us new perspectives. Now that the others are aware, J’onn will surely use his powers more freely to help the WD. So next week, Série Club will broadcast episodes 9 and 10. “The moment of truth” Kara will fly to the rescue of Winn when it will be taken away by No, the husband of Astra . To save his friend, Kara will be forced to trust his aunt and this could prove to be a very bad idea.
Besides the secret of our dear Supergirl will be put to the test because begin to have suspicions about Kara … How will our superhero do to keep his identity secret? Then in “explosive heritage” , we should learn more about the past of Winn and including his father. In addition, the city is terrorized by a Toyman who escaped from prison, still a mission for Supergirl! Meanwhile, Cat Grant will offer a post to Lucy Lane – to the delight of Kara as you can imagine – and Alex will ask for help from J’onn to foil the plans Maxwell Lord. This further announces two exciting episodes and know that you can already read our review of episode 8 Supergirl on melty. What do you think ?