Supergirl Kara face his evil double next week on Club Series!

Cinema 24 November, 2016

While Série Club has released episodes 9 and 10 of Supergirl, we invite you to discover what awaits you next week.

supergirl-poster-saison-2-affiche-bannerTonight, Cat Grant came close to discovering the true identity of Kara in the new episodes of Supergirl broadcast on Série Club . Fortunately, with the help of J’onn aka Hank, she was able to create a diversion and its secret is safe. This nevertheless allowed Cat to be more lenient and sympathetic toward Kara. Furthermore, it was discovered that the father of Winn was none other than Toyman, and it was really not a good person. In episode 11, entitled “Visitors” , which will air on Wednesday, November 30 Série Club , Kara including J’onn will face a new enemy when Miranda Crane, a senator in anti-aliens views will take away national City . J’onn face will be stuck in a Martian White, those responsible for the eradication of its people.
Meanwhile, Cat will be surprised to see his eldest son, Adam, it never really met. What does he do in National City? Please be aware that there may be finally a little romance in the air for our superhero, Kara. In “A room for two” , episode 12, Kara will match up against his evil double, Bizarro-Girl. This clone is the result of scientific experiments conducted by Maxwell Lord when it stole the blood of Supergirl . Why Maxwell Lord he tries to destroy as Supergirl? She will succeed our superhero to defeat his clone? Between this new threat and emerging feelings for a character, Kara will have difficult choices to make. Until next week, know that you can already read our review of episode 10 of Supergirl , melty on. What do you think?