Supergirl Kara imagine his dream life on Krypton next week on Club Series

Cinema 1 December, 2016

Discover what awaits you in episodes 13 and 14 of Supergirl to be broadcast next week on Club Series!

supergirl-saison-1-episode-13-1x13-kara-astraKara had to face his evil twin in the last episodes of Supergirl broadcast on Série Club , but contrary to what one might think, this is far from the greatest threat that our heroine will face this season. Next week, two new episodes will be shown and it is both to discover what awaits Kara and others. In episode 13, titled “A Perfect World” , we have a glimpse of what life was like on the planet Krypton . Indeed, a parasitic plant will live Kara in a hallucination, a perfect life for our heroine when his parents are still alive and where Krypton was not destroyed. Meanwhile, the WD is facing a new attack from No and Astra, the uncle and aunt Kara and the time will be counted for J’onn and Alex. Moreover, this fight could well end with a victim …
After encountering many problems with his superhero life, is a rival in the Kara professional life that will land in CatCo. “The rival” is the French title of the episode that will air 14 in a row. Cat Grant will hire a new assistant, Siobban Smythe and will directly compete with Kara, which will destabilize the lot . But that’s not all, in addition to having a new enemy at work, a Master Jailer will shake National City. It will track and execute the aliens escaped from Fort Rozz. Supergirl How will she stop? Moreover, it could be that Kara and James argue about the methods used by the DEO. It promises to be a rather eventful episode of Supergirl. In the meantime, know that you can already read our review of episode 12 Supergirl on melty. What do you think ?