Supergirl sason 2: Episode 7, Kara faces Cyborg Superman, our criticism

Cinema 22 November, 2016

Last night the US channel The CW aired episode 7 of season 2 Supergirl. Discover then immediately our critique of “The Darkest Place”.

supergirl-saison-2-the-cw-james-olen-monAfter several particularly exciting episodes, Season 2 Supergirl offers a less well built and transient episode before the big event crossover with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow . The episode 7 of season 2 Supergirl still remains full of surprises and launches new tracks for several intrigues. In “The Darkest Place” , which is aptly named because it appears to night for three quarters of the episode, Kara flies to the rescue of Mon-El when he was abducted by the CADMUS Project. Upon arrival she comes face to face with the real Hank Henshaw, who was turned into a cyborg Superman . This meeting is not proceeding well for Kara ends up being trapped along with Mon-El. From there, our Supergirl discovers not only that Lillian is actually Lillian Luthor, Lex’s mother and Lena and she is determined to avenge that Superman could do for her son. And to put his plan to the point, she needs blood Kara, that cyborg Superman can impersonate the Fortress of Solitude and ask about the MEDUSA project.
Time spent imprisoned alongside allowed Kara and Mon-El to get closer still, especially because it has finally shown its vulnerability. No more jokes, Mon-El was able to be honest in admitting he was scared and did not think he could survive what happened to Daxam. But as he prepares to unveil a secret Kara, Jeremiah Danvers arrives and saves CAMDUS! This seems perfectly healthy as it is now 15 years it is held prisoner. The fact that he manages to get them out so quickly and it seems to be free really stoked our curiosity. What could hide Jeremiah? Was it really him? Meanwhile, James in his new costume Guardian continues to play vigilant. He finds himself confronting a watchful another one who does not hesitate to kill those who merit he said. James, with the help of Alex Winn, must prove that he is not the murderer and people think that it is the actions of someone else.
This plot rather reminds us of the first season and is clearly not the most exciting of the episode. If you are happy to see that the writers have found a more important role for the character of James Olsen, for the moment it remains a bit wobbly . Fortunately, this was an opportunity to interact Alex and Maggie. No longer able to pretend, Alex chose to be honest with Maggie confessing that she was hurt because his feelings were not reciprocated. At least, all hope is not lost for shippers of “Sanders” since at the end of the episode, Maggie just apologize and open up a bit about feelings stating that she “can not imagine his life without her ” and that she would really like them to be friends. Alex finally accepted even if we see that she would like more of this relationship. Supergirl has really matured this season as it skillfully to handle human relationships in the midst of the plot aliens and superheroes.
For its part, J’onn began to hallucinate his family, only to eventually discover the true identity of M’gann. As one might imagine, J’onn does not take the news very well, we even thought he would end up killing her. But when we think he’s going to finally move forward – since M’gann is now behind bars – she reveals to him that because of the transfusion she made him, he will little by -little turn into Martian Blanc . We can not imagine what it will be for trauma J’onn, saw what he feels for them, and one wonders if there will be a way for the WD reverse the process. End Note also that, Mon-El seems very interested in the love life of Kara – so much so that it is not very subtle, asking if she’s single to Winn and James. Both characters have an undeniable chemistry since the beginning, more than Kara and James, but still wonders if all this is reciprocal. To be continued … In the meantime, know that you can already find the synopsis of episode 8 of season 2 Supergirl, marking the first part crossover with the Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow . What did you think of this episode?