Supergirl Season 2: Alex and Maggie, Andrew Kreisberg tease their relationship in future episodes

Cinema 3 December, 2016

While Maggie and Alex are just beginning their relationship, Andrew Kreisberg announcement that it will not be easy for them.

supergirl-saison-2-alex-danvers-maggie-sawyerAfter several episodes to turn around, Alex and Maggie finally put together at the end of episode 8 of season 2 Supergirl . We are delighted that Maggie has finally changed his mind and has decided to listen to his heart. Their attraction is undeniable and Alex can finally take a breather after having heart broken. The series Supergirl never really had too couples, or at least they never last long so we can not wait to see what this will give and how it will impact the intrigues. One thing is sure, their relationship is not without pitfalls and the two women will still have a few hurdles to overcome if we are to believe Andrew Kreisberg . “There are obviously clashes. Just because they are together it does not mean it will happen without problems” , said the executive producer of Supergirl .
So we have to expect that the couple experiencing difficulties, but the opposite would have astonished. “Alex has never been in this kind of relationship before and she will make mistakes of beginners which they will face” , continued Andrew Kreisberg. But that’s not all, Alex will not only bring complications because we should also learn more about Maggie : “Maggie was presented as the perfect guide for Alex for his career this season, but Alex discovers that Maggie is not perfect, which will lead to difficult situations in future episodes ” . Even if everything is not always rosy for Alex and Maggie, it is looking forward to see them evolve pair on screen. In the meantime, know that you can find the secrets of crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow , on melty. What do you think ?