Supergirl Season 2: Episode 9, Kara and Mon-El flirt in a premiere premiere of the Winter Premiere!

Cinema 25 December, 2016

While Supergirl’s Season 2 will not return until January 23 on the CW, the American network has just unveiled a first excerpt of “Supergirl Lives”!
Love in the air ? Is it finally time for Kara and Mon-El to reveal their respective feelings? Indeed, the two characters shared an adorable kiss in the final mid-season before Mon-El put everything into question by pretending to have forgotten everything. It must be said that the young man hides a big secret to the beautiful Kara but then what is it? While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover when the episode 9 of season 2 Supergirl would be released , back together on a first novel excerpt of “Supergirl Lives” recently unveiled by the CW . First of all, know that Mon-El has decided to find work and is now the bartender of the pub in which the aliens like to meet. After the disaster in the final mid-season, there were vacancies and our Mon-El considered that this work was perfect for him.
After the surprise of discovering it behind the bar, the two young people begin to discuss and it is clear that the alchemy is at the rendezvous. Mon-El even suggests to Kara to change the ideas by making him do stupid things in his company. One thing is certain, we are downright anxious to know how the relationship of the two young people will evolve. Between languorous glances and fiery discussions, Kara may well have found the passion she missed so much in her relationship with James! But then, will their history come to fruition? We will have to wait to find out! Pending more information, be aware that Andrew Kreisberg has Tease reaction Kara facing the secret of Mon-El in season 2 Supergirl on melty . What do you think of this excerpt?