Supergirl Season 2: Episode 9, the identity of Mon-El unveiled? Our criticism!

Cinema 24 January, 2017

While Supergirl’s season 2 was finally back last night on the CW, let’s go back in detail to the main events that paced “Supergirl Lives”!
She’s finally back! And yes the meltynauts, after weeks of absence and teasing, the beautiful Supergirl came back inflamed the American network with a solid mid-season premiere and terribly intriguing. The more the episodes pass, the more the series seems to improve finding both its rhythm and its identity. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover all there was to know about episode 9 of season 2 Supergirl , back in detail on the main events that took place in “Supergirl Lives” aired last night on the CW . And the least we can say is that secrets are commonplace at National City. While Mon-El continues to lie with Kara about his true identity and James Winn and trying to find the courage to tell him the truth about The Guardian, Alex hides much of his work to Maggie. And all this seemed about to explode over the episode progressed . But while Kara felt utterly useless since her superhero’s job revolved mainly around robberies and robberies, here she is attracted by a mission of the most dangerous: to find a teenager visibly kidnapped by an extraterrestrial.
Yes, the pretty Kara regularly goes to the forefront of trouble and we can only agree with Mon-El. And when these two find themselves on a planet reserved for slaves, it is a little disaster. We love and love the duo formed by the two young people as humor and complicity are always at the rendezvous between them. And it was clearly nice to finally visit another planet. This is probably one of the only series Arrowverse who can afford to send us there without losing credibility . And one adheres totally all the more so as this excursion was rich in revelation. First, it seems clear that Mon-El is indeed the Prince of Daxam and that the Dominators are ready to do anything to protect him. Worse, he is on the run and it is only a matter of time before armed forces land in order to arrest him. But then, will Mon-El finally confess the truth to Kara? Can he survive even if he now wants to become a superhero? For his part, Winn was trying to recover from his emotions after a terrible aggression. Generally fearless and unconcerned, this altercation has destroyed his motives and the young man never wants to go on the field again. Fortunately, a speech of encouragement from Alex and a good fight quickly overcome his hesitation.
But it is also the couple formed by Alex and Maggie who brought a good balance of touch “Supergirl Lives” . Because this episode first brought a strong and extremely powerful message. Indeed, how many of us are experiencing difficult and depressing hardships that we sometimes want to give up? But it is precisely when everything seems lost, when hope runs through our fingers that we must fight harder to get out. We must not run away from our problems, we must rise because this is the only thing that will allow us to move forward. Supergirl has this undeniable force: she is able to put his finger on what affects us and what upsets us . An asset that makes her a series full of heart and promises. In short, the show was back in force this week proposing us to embark on a journey full of surprises and emotions. Until next week, relive the day with me … Supergirl charmed me by his audacity on melty. What did you think of this episode?