Supergirl Season 2: Medusa Project, his relationship with Lena … Brenda Strong (Lillian Luthor) tease episode 8!

Cinema 27 November, 2016

Discover the revelations made by the performer Lillian Luthor, Brenda Strong, Episode 8 of Season 2 Supergirl that will air Monday, November 28.
In episode 7 of season 2 Supergirl , Lillian Luthor managed to capture Kara to take his blood. The goal ? . Getting to the Fortress of Solitude and learn more about the Medusa Project ? But what is the Project Medusa exactly Brenda Strong, who plays Lillian Luthor, was then entrusted thereon to US website Entertainment Weekly : ” Medusa will play a major role in the next episode, which is episode 8, and basically it’s a virus. this is one of these exclusive virus that does not affect human bodies. It only attacks which is alien, and it’s a big virus. So this will represent an imminent threat to the planet ” . That then promises to be yet eventful Thanksgiving for Danvers. Indeed, the next episode will be the opportunity for the series to celebrate the event.
Moreover, the actress took the opportunity to also talk about the relationship between Lillian and Lena, her daughter. As has been seen in episode 5, they do not seem to particularly get along or to be close and apparently it will not work out with the next episode. Indeed, when Lillian and CADMUS Project will spread the virus what Medusa, Lena will realize what really is his mother. “I think this is a complex relationship and I think that there are injuries on both sides, but I think they are injured each other over the years ” , said Brenda Strong. Finally, the actress added that the episode 8 of season 2 Supergirl would be really fun, thanks to the Thanksgiving meal of Danvers will be a great moment of comedy because everyone has his little secret. Moreover, as you probably know, this marks the first episode of the long-awaited crossover event with the Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow . What do you think?