Supergirl Season 2: Return of The Dominators, Mon-El (Chris Wood) is it really one of them?

Cinema 2 December, 2016

While the first part of season 2 Supergirl just ended on the CW, the Dominators will very soon return to National City. Is there a link with Mon-El?

supergirl-saison-2-episode-9-episode-8-midA secret soon discovered? And yes meltynautes, if you carefully follow the series that follows the adventures of the beautiful Kara Danvers, you should know that the character played by Chris Wood has spent most of the final mid-season to want to confess a secret to our heroine. Unfortunately for viewers, it was a cliffhanger carefully orchestrated by the writers of the CW forcing us to wait until the next school year to learn more. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our criticism of the 4th part of the crossover Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl , confirmation of the return of Dominators later in the second chapter of Supergirl could be related Mon-El. Indeed, we can consider that the young man simply lied to Kara about his origins. And if he was not a native of Daxam? And if there was actually a Dominator?
Indeed, in the final mid-season, we learned that a mysterious race of aliens was in search of Mon-El. We can imagine that the young man was sent to scout on Earth-38 to observe the residents of National City before a whole army arrives . Their motivations are so much different than in the crossover event. This secret and allow writers to get a perfect transition for returning the Dominators. However, nothing has yet filtered on it and Andrew Kreisberg only confirmed that they would return to play tricks on Supergirl: “I would say this is not the last time you will see the Dominators They will return in Supergirl. later in the season. ” One thing is certain, we hope that the secret of Mon-El does not sabotage the lovely dynamic between him and Kara. Pending more information, discover all the promotional photos of the crossover event. What do you think of this possibility?