Supergirl Season 2: Two villains soon back!

Cinema 31 December, 2016

While Supergirl’s season 2 is currently on hold, two villains will soon be back!
Come-back! While we look forward to discovering episode 9 of season 2 Supergirl, for which we dévoilions you first extract , the series production of the network The CW announced that some of the fiercest enemies of Supergirl will try ‘Get their revenge in the next episodes. Indeed, Livewire, always played by Brit Morgan, and Metallo, again played by Frederick Schmidt, will be among the villains back in 2017, without elaborating . As a reminder, viewers discovered Metallo, also known as John Corben, in the first two episodes of Season 2. Originally, the character is an assassin to whom he was ordered to kill Lena Luthor. Later, it was transformed into cyborg by Cadmus.
As for Livewire, which we also known as Leslie Willis, she appeared for the first time in season 1. This former employee of CatCo has turned into a vengeful maniac. She reappeared afterwards, teaming up with Silver Banshee to fight the superhero duo formed by Supergirl and The Flash. Both villains are not the only “fan-favorite” to reappear in future episodes , as indicated executive producer Ali Adler. Stay tuned for new ads! Lately, we disclosure of that information on the consequences of crossover Kara universe in Season 2 Supergirl! Are you eager to witness the returns of these villains?