Supernatural Season 12: Episode 5, Sam and Dean fight against necromancers Nazis in the promo video!

Cinema 5 November, 2016

supernatural-saison-12-episode-5-12x05-hitlerAnd if Hitler was on the verge of resurrecting? Only Sam and Dean could stop! Check out episode 5 of season 12 of Supernatural which this is the trailer …

Necromancers Nazis, it exists? No doubt. Sam and Dean Winchester are preparing to meet them in the next new episode of season 12 of Supernatural . Entitled “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” , the fifth meeting of the year will focus on the fate of the soul of Adolph Hitler. Discover without waiting unprecedented trailer of episode 5, below. While last week the Winchester infiltrating the Catholic Church in “American Nightmare” episode 4 of season 12 of Supernatural, next Thursday, on The CW , they will face a gang of neo-Nazis necromancers determined to make their return Führer from the dead . According to the official synopsis of the episode unveiled by the American channel, “Dean and Sam discover that the soul of Hitler is still trapped in a pocket watch 1930 they will have to act quickly and well to prevent a group of fanatics to free the soul of the German dictator. the brothers should get help from an old friend ” . But what old acquaintance?

There are a few weeks, we offered you on the occasion of the distribution of episode 1, a point on the new characters of the season 12 of Supernatural . We announced the return of Aaron Bass (Adam Rose). For those who do not remember, Aaron Bass is a member of The Initiative Judah , a Jewish secret society that work in the shadows to fight occult neo-Nazi splinter groups, including the Society of Thule . He met for the first time the road of Winchester in Season 8, specifically in the episode “Everybody Hates Hitler” . Next Thursday it will support Dean and Sam in their new mission. And the task is complex. In the trailer of the episode we understand that the famous shows incites to murder anyone who wears it. The great evils, great remedies, Dean will use Thursday night’s grenade launcher to destroy his enemies! Hot! In your opinion, is the Society of Thule a credible threat?