Supernatural Season 12: Episode 5 tonight, the Winchester prevent the resurrection of Hitler!

Cinema 10 November, 2016

Tonight’s Winchester leave crusade against Adolf Hitler in episode 5 of season 12 of Supernatural. The details…

supernatural-saison-12-episode-5-12x05-photoAdolf Hitler, no less! The Winchester brothers will leave hunt the Dark tonight on The CW , which will broadcast “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” , the 5th episode of the unprecedented 12 season Supernatural . And not just any! Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will cross once again the wake of the former German dictator, or rather what is left of his soul … Those of you who have already watched the video promo episode 5 of season 12 of Supernatural in which Sam and Dean fight against necromancers Nazis know … tonight’s Winchester will address members of the Thule Society . Remember this neo-Nazi sect, heiress of the Third Reich, who tried to bring back to life the Führer in season 8. The Winchester brothers had then managed to outmanoeuvre these necromancers ensuring the support of Aaron Bass (Adam Rose), active member of The Initiative Judah . We take the same and start again ! Here is the official synopsis of the episode: “On learning that the soul of Hitler is trapped in a pocket watch 1930 owned by necromancers Nazis, Sam and Dean will have to act quickly to prevent the Nazi group to resurrect the Fuhrer”.

Indeed during their research the Winchester brothers discover a suspected serial killer and decide to investigate. They will realize that this famous watch is the trigger for all these unexplained crimes. The cursed jewel push owners to commit murder against their will. Besides the trailer, we see Dean boosted arming a grenade launcher. Does this mean that the elder Winchester is within the scope of the spell? Possible. We all know very well that this character rubs regularly to all kinds of occult experiences. Meanwhile, the Men of Letters continue to eliminate those they call children of Lucifer. The murder of Magda at the end of the previous episode was only the first of a blacklist … And do not forget that episode 5 will be available in France on Friday evening at 23:20 on SérieClub broadcast US + 24. And history to fill a few hours separate us from the next episode of Supernatural, immerse yourself in the program series of the week with The Vampire Diaries, Designated Survivor, The Walking Dead, and many others . In your opinion, society Thule is it stronger than before?