Supernatural Season 12: Episode 6 tonight, Sam and Dean trapped the funeral of a hunter!

Cinema 17 November, 2016

Long ago that Winchester had crossed over the other hunters route. Tonight, in episode 6 of season 12 of Supernatural, they will go to the funeral of one of their …

supernatural-saison-12-episode-6-12x06-celebratingThe hunting community is in mourning and in danger! This is an atypical episode of Supernatural will land this evening on our screens! The episode 6 of season 12 dubbed “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” will cause the Winchester brothers on the road, but the original purpose of the maneuver will not solve a paranormal mystery, as usual, but to attend the funeral of a hunter or a hunter rather Asa Fox, died in the line of duty. If a priori things should unfold in the rules (a ceremony in his memory followed by a cremation), it will obviously nothing. At the funeral hunters gathered in numbers will be attacked by the demon responsible for this tragedy which sequester them in uene home and eliminate them one after the other. Will it an ambush orchestrated from the attack of Asa Fox in order to wipe out most of hunters? This seems very likely. Still, The CW announced good news. Indeed, Jody Mills and Mary Winchester are back in the trailer of epsiode 6 season 12.
The two women should therefore be aware. Finally the separation between Mary and her son will not have been so long that, even if there is a good chance that each leaves its side at the end of tonight’s episode … Suspense so. Moreover, there are several weeks now, we offered you a point on the arrival of new characters in Season 12 of Supernatural . On this occasion we learned that some Alicia and her brother Max were going to enter the lives of the Winchester brothers. Well, that’s tonight it will be introduced in the series. This is the actress Kara Royster (Pretty Little Liars) will lend his features to Alicia. This character is a hunter who has the distinction of having been raised by a witch ! It should control an ancestral know-how could prove decisive and end the deadly series of demon will rage tonight … Finally, remember that episode 6 will be available in France on Friday evening at 23:20 on SérieClub US + 24 broadcast. Happy to see Jody Mills?