Supernatural season 13: Finally a spin-off for the series?

Cinema 21 June, 2017

The CW would be preparing a spin-off of the Supernatural series! More …
The fans of Supernatural have something to rejoice since the American channel CW is setting up a spin-off of the series. Only we do not get too fast because the channel had already tried to make a spin-off of the show a few years ago but the project had failed . The CW does not abandon its idea and is preparing a new spin-off called Wayward Sisters. Good news waiting for Supernatural’s season 13 to arrive on our screens on October 12th! Definitely, all our favorite series will be entitled to a spin-off next year: After Gray’s Anatomy , it’s Supernatural’s turn!
Supernatural spin-off , Wayward Sisters , will tell the story of our dear sheriff Jody Mills, still interpreted by Kim Rhodes and a group of young women with problems: all orphaned because of a supernatural tragedy. Under the protection of Jody Mills, they will train to combat these paranormal phenomena . If all goes well, we should discover the pilot Wayward Sisters (in reference to the famous song of the group Kansas) during this season 13 Supernatural … Hopefully the series then see the light! A little patience, we will quickly get a little more information. And if you’re a fan of series, so participate in the 2017 World Cup with melty !