Susan Sarandon’s daughter nearly lost her baby, hospitalized after a serious fall

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

Susan Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri, returns to her baby’s accident at the end of November when she fell from her nanny’s arms. A traumatic episode for the young mother who took months to put words on.

” Major okay ” . Eva Amurri, daughter of Susan Sarandon , take this new year to turn the page 2016, the year of the tragic accident of his son Major. She has published in his blog happilyevaafter January 1 very long text that translates weeks of anguish and nightmares she experienced. She goes back over the course of events and the consequences of this dramatic event. Today, her son is totally cured but the 31-year-old mother is still struggling to recover from this episode.
A few days after Thanksgiving, at the end of November, the nurse who took care of the little Major at night fell asleep by accident, allowing the baby to escape barely a month from his arms. Eva and her husband Kyle Martino were awakened by the ” sound of her head hitting the ground ” monitoring ” shrill and hysterical screams .” Major was immediately taken to the Yale Medical Center where he remained for two days for head trauma and hemorrhage. ” Two terrible day ” for mom.
Eva Amurri went through a long phase of guilt ” so intense and devastating that it does not wish on his worst enemy .” Guilt has given way to depression but her husband helped her a lot to recover from this ordeal . Now the young mother says reach an ” posttraumatic stress disorder ” but welcome 2017 with open arms. It will be for her the year she will teach ” to forgive more deeply, to let go more easily to accept things that [it] can not change, and to love unconditionally. “