Suzanne, the daughter of Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Lindon, pose for Italian Vogue

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

The daughter of Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Lindon, Suzanne, grew well. She poses in Vogue Italy in January 2017. A revelation!
On her Instagram account, she usually posts funny shots. Yesterday Suzanne Lindon shared with his followers a big news: she posed for Vogue Italy.
After sixteen years of absolute discretion, the daughter of Vincent Lindon and Sandrine Kiberlain out of the shadows. The fashion photographer Paolo Roversi was photographed for the January 2017 Vogue Italy. On the black and white cliché, Suzanne Lindon wears high heels and a mini-skirt printed ultra-molding that unveils her long legs. Her dress and her feline posture reveal a certain ease in front of the goal. The metamorphosis is striking. Suzanne Lindon reveals herself. It surprises and fascinates its subscribers: “No, but the bomb, which class my beauty” , “You’re rock! It’s crazy, ” … in the comments, everyone has his compliment. It will be a heart for Suzanne’s mother, Sandrine Kiberlain. She is under the spell of her daughter, born of her union with Vincent Lindon. The two actors remained in a couple for ten years. They separated in 2003 , three years after the birth of Suzanne. Vincent Lindon love : ” My daughter, this is the only woman in the world to whom I speak naturally and told me in return, the simplest way, what she wants. ” As a model?