Swamp Thing : the series is accurate with the description of two protagonists

Cinema 29 May, 2018






Still unknown to the general public, Swamp Thing will have the honor of having her own tv series in 2019. A big gamble on the part of DC and Warner.

In the mythology of Marvel or DC, super-heroes are not confined simply to Iron Man and Captain America , and Batman and Superman to the other. In reality there is a field with unimaginable antagonists. For the anecdote, there would be about 5, 000 super-hero side of Marvel and nearly 4,000 in its competitor. Then you think about the fact that the world is a little more extensive than the borders of Gotham and Metropolis.

The DCEU has therefore been a desire to create new perspectives, in the hope of outrunning her worst enemy. Then to go the distance, the studios have kept a joker card in their sleeve. A big, big shot poker, which passes Or breaks. The DCEU has planned to soon create a streaming platform, DC Universe, only reserved for its multitude of series. To open the dance, we had already had the right to a few titles : Young Justice : Outsiders, Harley Quinn, Titans and of course our subject of the day, Swamp Thing.


Swamp Thing approves


To oversee this atypical project, around a character that only the true hardcores of the comics know, there was talk that James Wan is joining the production. The guy can become a master of the cinema horror we affirmed in the idea that our monster of the marshes would not know a pitiful adaptation.

To assist the director ofAquaman, two heavyweights of the horror and science-fiction were on the list. Mark Verheiden (Battlestar Galactica), producer and writer, Gary Dauberman, screenwriter on It, The Nun and… The Monster of the marshes in 2008. Okay, we’ll grant you that this was not really a success.


The version of Wes Craven’s Swamp Thing in The Creature of the Marsh , 1982


Anyway, we are still here to talk about the two main characters, Abby Arcane and Alec (Alex) Holland. The site DCPlanet has delivered some draft scenarios for the two protagonists.

Abby Arcane is a woman in her thirties, intelligent and quite lonely. She works for the Center for disease control, who gives him a mission to investigate the “Houma Flu” (Influenza Houma), which takes its name from the city in Louisiana. Once high school finished, Abby left her home swamp to pursue his dream of a medical career. What she does with brio. But here she is back in her small town putrid and toxic.

Abby meets with Alec Holland, a scientist working for the Sunderland Corporation. The two with the same research project on the famous “Houma Flu”, they bind very fast friendship. The description also mentions Matt Cable, the former ex-husband of the heroine, who will introduce the past of the young woman.


In true Swamp Thing, he is pretty badass


The other character, is of course Alec Holland (or Alex). Thirty-year-old with a temperament of fire and a great passion for his work as an investigator, Alex investigation to turn on the “Houma Flu”. He discovers that there is a link between this substance and the marsh. His discovers he attracts the lightning of the inhabitants. Although it is determined to eradicate the problem, things will turn bad for him, and he will transform in a strange creature half-man, half-plant.

You’ll understand very quickly the show runners decide to introduce a romance between our two heroes. A relationship is strange and ambiguous at the crossroads between the Shape of The water and The Creature of the swamp of Wes Craven.

A fortiori, this new adaptation of this character too obscure might be the most faithful to the comics. It will, technically, in 2019, the result is obtained.