Sweeteners associated with weight gain in the long term

Health 18 July, 2017


Published the 18.07.2017 at 13h03


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Avoid the sodas… and their alternatives lighter ! Contrary to the promise displayed on their labels, the sweeteners don’t help you lose weight. This would even be the contrary, after a review of the literature conducted by the university of Manitoba (Canada). Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, it shows that over the long term, the products light promote higher.

One French person in five consumes products with aspartame at least once per week. Across the Atlantic, the trend is even more pronounced : 30 % of the population absorbs every day. The argument lighthouse : these products allow you to limit the sugar intake, and therefore weight gain.

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But there is nothing in the scientific literature seems to confirm this assertion. “In spite of the fact that millions of people regularly consume sweeteners, few patients were included in clinical trials that evaluate these products,” notes with malice Dr. Ryan Zarychanski, co-author of the review.

Canadian researchers have therefore sifted through the results of 37 studies, including a total of 400 000 participants. Their conclusion is clear : aspartame, sucralose, or stevia do not help to lose weight. Worse, they promote a weight gain in the long term. Without being able to establish link with obesity, an increased waist circumference is manifest. The consumption lasts, the more this link is solid.

And the deleterious effects of the sweeteners do not stop there. The literature review also highlights a link with disorders of the metabolism. For each daily serving, the relative risk of diabetes increases by 3 %.