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Entertainment 23 December, 2017

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A new complaint has just been filed against Sylvester Stallone for sexual assault. After a first accusation, the actor is again in the viewfinder of justice.

Things get dangerous for Sylvester Stallone. The american actor, aged 71 years is again accused of sexual assault. In fact, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, a new complaint has just been filed in a police station in Santa Monica, a neighborhood of Los Angeles in California. The victim reportedly complained of a sexual assault that occurred in the 1990s. No other details was revealed by the american website.

In the Face of these new charges, one of the lawyers of the actor has taken to refute the facts : “My client denies categorically these accusations and it is obvious that this woman filed this complaint to get publicity in the media”, can we read. Problem, this complaint occurs a few weeks after the first case, just as obscene. During the filming of the movie “Over the Top” in Las Vegas, Sylvester Stallone would have forced a young woman aged 16 years old at the time (1986) to have a sexual relationship with him and his body guard in a room of the Hilton hotel. The victim had not filed a complaint at this time for fear of reprisals.

With the current context and the many testimonies that occurred after the case of Harvey Weinstein, the police, the u.s. did not hesitate to launch an investigation of Sylvester Stallone. The actor is therefore preparing to live a new fight against the justice.

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