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Entertainment 19 August, 2017


Miss Martinique and Miss Provence, both of which are tattooed, have not benefited from the same indulgence for the contest Miss France. Sylvie Tellier has responded to the controversy with a clear message.

A controversy in the skin. The contest Miss France 2018 sails in a storm after the disqualification of Jade Fielder (Miss Martinique). While the regulation prohibits tattoos, the young woman was banned from a competition because of a design on the left shoulder blade. At the same time, Kleofina Pnishi (Miss Provence) has been authorized to participate in the event, although it bears an inscription carved on the wrist.

After the climb to the niche of many internet users, the controversy has swollen and Sylvie Tellier is now trying to calm the situation. The general director of the société Miss France is entrusted to the Parisian about this case that ignites social networks. “It allows the small tattoos discrete (…) In the case of Miss Martinique, it was a tattoo big enough to that it is a problem” has soberly stated Sylvie Tellier. The victim of a small fright in Guadeloupe in June of last year, the Miss France 2002 has added that the design of Kleofina Pnishi was, to him, “entirely statutory”.

The tattoo Kleofina Pnishi, Miss Provence 2017, controversy… will she be destitute ?

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The difference of treatment is therefore explained not the extent of the tattoo. Miss Martinique has had trouble digesting his ouster, but was held to thank those who have supported it. “This is not a removal but a replacement at the show Miss France. “she stated on the social networks.

Sylvie Tellier

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