Sylvie Vartan in shock did not recover from the death of Johnny Hallyday “she has taken all her youth in the figure of” – Gala

Entertainment 14 December, 2017


During the tribute popular rendering of Johnny Hallyday on December 8 last, Sylvie Vartan had made the trip. Particularly moved, she was able to say goodbye to her ex-husband, with whom she had shared fifteen years of his life. The singer did not, however, made in St-Barth, where it was buried in the rocker. She regretted this initiative, deploring the fact that Johnny Hallyday would be buried : “so far from us who love him so much.”

A critical occurring just after the tribute popular visited Paris and during which the clan Hallyday was yet appeared very close-knit. About Sylvie Vartan, were deeply saddened Laeticia and his family and friends. “Sylvie was upset by the homage of the Madeleine. It, which is always turned towards the future, has taken all his youth to the figure. It was really hard to accept that Johnny is gone. There was a deep and real tenderness between them. She no more can not accept to see it from ” confided a close friend of the clan Hallyday in the columns of Paris Match.

After the heartfelt homage rendered to Johnny Hallyday in Paris, Sylvie Vartan is back in Los Angeles. Before leaving, she wished to send a last message to his love of youth. The singer had ordered a wreath made up of flowers red and white with this touching message : “you Johnny for always Sylvie “

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