Tal, “woman and sexy”: she leaves modesty

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

In full promotion of his latest self-titled album, Tal, 27, responded to questions from our colleagues Here . It reveals itself more feminine and affirmed.

In 2013, when she appeared on the parquet Dancing with the Stars , Tal seemed uncomfortable with her femininity and unveiled. Experience has metamorphosed yet she performs this week in the columns of Here . “There’s a kind of magic happens in the dance.” Freed, soothed, today Tal is finally comfortable in his body. “I dare to be woman and sexy. Before, I dared not, out of modesty and, no doubt, immaturity. Now I have understood that one can feel and be sexy, without falling into vulgarity. ”
If to get where Tal had to mature a little and take “a step back” , it also owes its development to two women. The first, his stylist, would probably not have done much without the second: the mother of Tal. Singer too, “she always sewed her own dresses before going on stage” . So, knowing her daughter better than anyone else to highlight and reassure her, to guide her to make her clothes ravishing but not noisy, she allowed Tal to renew without losing.
Thus Tal is particularly credible and federative when it evokes its position in relation to feminism. “I feel delicate like a flower and powerful like a flame. I’m afraid of nothing, I go. I claim the right to be female to his fingertips, while being a fighter who deserves respect. ” And she any good to deserve it.