Taylor Swift and Zayn on I Do not Wanna Live Forever, the 3 sexiest moments of the clip for Fifty Shades Darker

Entertainment 28 January, 2017

Taylor Swift and Zayn form a sexier couple than ever in the “I Do not Wanna Live Forever” clip for Fifty Shades Darker. Discover the 3 most hot moments of the video!
The moment all fans waited for arrived! After sharing a first teaser of their duo for Fifty Shades Darker , Taylor Swift and Zayn had promised the release of the full video for “I Do not Wanna Live Forever” for today. And the two young artists have kept their word! This collaboration between Taylor Swift and Zayn was released by surprise at the end of last year and will be featured on the soundtrack of the film Fifty Shades Darker, which will be available in cinemas in France on February 8th. It is also the first title that Taylor Swift fate since the global success of his last album in 1989 . We suspected, Taylor Swift and Zayn wanted stuck perfectly to the atmosphere of Fifty Shades and it inevitably gives a sultry video … Back on the 3 most sexy moments of “I Do not Wanna Live Forever ” !
Produced in London by Grant Singer (The Weekend, Ariana Grande, Sky Ferreira …), this new clip offers beautiful visuals to all fans. Blamed for celebrity, Zayn and Taylor Swift find refuge in a luxury hotel. We love the close-ups of two singers in the lift which, despite their burial head, are more than ever sexy . Alone in his hotel room, garter belt, Taylor Swift spilled a bottle of champagne before breathing white roses (nod to “Blank Space” ?), It has never been fatal woman that now ! Finally, after a palpable tension throughout the first half of “I Do not Wanna Live Forever” , Taylor Swift and Zayn end not end even if the plans are very brief, it validates this fictional couple. Strongly that Taylor Swift returns in 2017 with a new album ! What do you think of this new video?