Taylor Swift back on Spotify, 1989 album made a box

Entertainment 25 June, 2017

Back in Spotify for a few days, Taylor Swift is making a real cardboard, especially with his album 1989!
The Queen of the Streaming! Taylor Swift decided to make a comeback on the streaming platforms Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and Amazon on July 8th, even though she had left them in 2014. If some Saw there a desire to harm Katy Perry who released her new album Witness that day , this return was explained by the account Instagram @TaylorNation. While they were telling you recently that Ariana Grande might choose “Greedy” or “Bad Decisions” to close the Dangerous Woman era , Taylor Swift apparently wanted to thank her fans for having been over 10 million to buy His 1989 album and to have allowed him to ” Sell ​​more than 100 million records in the United States . Nevertheless, the American magazine Billboard carried out its small inquiry and this surprise return on the platforms of streaming resemble more and more to a stroke of genius!
Indeed, between the 8th and the 23rd of June, the number of streams of the pieces of Taylor Swift would have increased by more than 551%! Already available on Apple Music, all the albums of Taylor Swift have known a new youth thanks to their return on Spotify. The 1989 album thus made its return in the top 40 (to the 31st place more exactly) thanks to the conversion of the streams in sales of units. The magazine reminds us that 1989 had not been part of the top 40 for more than a year . But that’s not all ! While Selena Gomez’s “Can not Steal Our Love” duo and Justin Bieber comes from leaker , Taylor Swift can boast of having generated more than 18, 8 million streams in 1989 and allowed the Red and Fearless albums to return to the Billboard 200 in 88th and 119th respectively. If the criticism is very mixed about Katy Perry’s album Witness , Taylor Swift has managed her marketing operation! What do you think about Taylor Swift?