Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Nekfeu … Top 10 Vines of stars that we will miss

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

On the occasion of the definitive closure of the social network Vine today, melty invites you to come back on 10 Vines of unforgettable stars.
This January 17, 2017 is a sad day for fans of the social network Vine. Belonging to Twitter, short videos of 6 seconds looping will go out, but not totally. Thanks to the Vine Camera application, it will be possible to continue running hilarious sequences but those already existing could disappear forever. That is why we propose to return to the best creations of our favorite artists . Lady Gaga via Britney Spears or our French rappers Nekfeu, number 2 of the top albums this week and Booba, small selection of the coolest seconds shared by our music stars.
1 – Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga pouring a salad bowl filled with icy water in the biggest calm? This is probably one of the funniest sequences shot by the Mother Monster has over 24,000 followers on Vine and who participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.
2 – Harry Styles
It is necessary to take care between two dates of concerts. The leader of the group One Direction , followed by 3.6 million people on the social network, do not lack for a fool in public.
3 – Booba
It is not only the American stars who take pleasure in registering. The Duke of Boulogne also has a well-supplied account with more than 60,000 subscribers. Abandoning Vine to Instagram , the boss 92i we have done well laugh with his messages.
4 – Justin Bieber
With 5.1 million followers, the Canada Singer was one of the busiest on social network singers . His often funny videos were hard to decide but we remember the time when the game of the pistol almost ended badly. Ouille.
5 – Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is a little bitch. Rather than show his 4.7 million fans, she prefers to show his friends that are not always to their advantage.
6 – Taylor Swift
It is no secret that the old country singer is a huge fan of cats . Inevitably, this has earned us cult sequences shared on his account Vine, followed by more than 2.4 million curious.
7 – Joe Jonas
That it is cool to have brothers to make the 400 shots. This is not Joe Jonas will say otherwise. The singer shared beautiful moments with his brothers Kevin and Nick. We love it, just like its 865,000 subscribers.
8 – Nekfeu
The beautiful brat of French rap also excels in matter of Vines. With 36,000 followers, Nekfeu sharing every detail of his life , as when sharing a drive with its supercharged friends.
9 – Shawn Mendes
Vine also serves for promo from time to time. Followed by nearly 5 million people, Shawn was not going to be shy about singing by taking the tube “Rude” . On like!
10 – Britney Spears
Even if it does post almost anything, Britney wanted to do a little humorous messages to his fans after more than a million subscribers. Too bad she did not share her daily life on Vine.
Unfortunately from this evening, Vine will only be a distant memory and the videos also published. Fortunately, we still have Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to follow all our favorite stars. Are you going to regret the era of Les Vines?