Taylor Swift clashes with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Entertainment 27 January, 2017

Six months after being humiliated by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift would count on revenge. We tell you more!
She did not say her last word! This is what one may think by discovering the recent statements of a relative of Taylor Swift. Yes, after the famous American magazine In Touch , the interpreter of “Bad Blood” would be more than ready for a new round against the Kardashian-West duo. And this, even as we told you that a song about them was expected on the next album of Taylor Swift (set for release in 2017) . Thus, close to the singer reportedly told the magazine: “Taylor has not forgotten how Kim and Kanye have tried to humiliate him last summer.” And this, before adding: “It will wreak havoc in the music industry and social networks with a revenge song directly addressed to Kim and Kanye.” Talkative, the source specific issue well: “Kim and Kanye will not be happy.” That is what it says.
For the reminder is after Kim Kardashian posted a video of the phone with Kanye West Taylor Swift things took a unexpected turn. Quoted on the title “Famous” Kanye West, it evoked Taylor Swift in these terms: “I feel like me and Taylor May still have sex / Why I made that bitch famous?” . Welcomed on the video, the interpreter of “Shake It Off” seemed to agree that the rapper put the song online. Unfortunately, she thought to be mentioned as “bitch” … While you were told there is little that Beyoncé and Adele will sweep the Grammy in 2017 , the source close to which is entrusted to in Touch with already announced that the piece could be called “No F – ks Given” but said anyway: . “it will probably choose a softer way to end Taylor’s still very upset about the Way they embarrassed her then yes, she’ll knock under the belt. ” Finally, the famous source said: “[Taylor] said this is a great song with a great beat that will be a hit Everybody will love it – except Kim and Kanye..” What do you think about Taylor Swift?