Taylor Swift stronger than Kanye West, she explodes the rapper on YouTube

Entertainment 15 May, 2017

Between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, it was never great love. But the singer can boast of having done much better than him on YouTube.
Kanye West left social networks and exiled on the top of a mountain to prepare a new album . Far from his wife Kim Kardashian and his children, he took the opportunity to recharge himself, he who had been hospitalized after the assault of Kim in Paris. The one that has to rub her hands is Taylor Swift, who she wants to reveal a new project to us. Between the two artists, it was never crazy love. First in 2009, Kanye went on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards to interrupt the beautiful blonde’s speech for her friend Beyoncé, whom he thought was more deserving of the best clip of the year award.
After a few apologies, calm returned before the war resumed a few months ago when Kanye West released the clip “Famous” where Taylor Swift is staged without her consent. Since then, nothing, but still, Taylor Swift was able to take his revenge with the counters of YouTube . With only one clip, “Shake It Off” , she counts more views than the entire career of Kanye West with her videos. Taylor Swift, who could release the tube of summer 2017, explodes the rapper with his 2, 1 billion views. An exploit that allows him to taunt his enemy, without the slightest effort. And bim Kanye! What do you think of this revenge?