Teddy Riner, 20 kilos to lose: The champion is “ashamed” of his weight

Entertainment 11 January, 2017

The change is now.
After enjoying the end-of-year celebrations, it’s time for Teddy Riner to take over.

After five months without doing sports, the famous 27 year old judoka jogged and sneakers with a goal: lose weight. Weighed 20 kilos, the favorite sport of the French and flagship of the French delegation in Rio this summer resumed training at the Insep, the center of excellence top-level sport in France (INSEP) , in front of several reporters: ” It is time for the descent of the weight and fitness ,” says LCI . ” I’m highs before! ” Said he also dropped about his weight.
When the question of how much weight he had taken since the Rio Olympic Games – where he won for the second time the Olympic title – is put to him, Teddy Riner opted for an evasive answer: ” It’s top secret because even I am ashamed, I am ashamed … “The colossus would have taken about twenty kilos, he hopes surplus lose in three weeks.
In its edition of January 11, Le Parisien describes the intensive program which is subject sport. Cycling, ” We will make me one in my size ,” he joked, admitting more seriously ” . It hurts ” In the pool, even though Teddy Riner forgets his bathing suit. In the water also the judoka in drool. ” I took advantage of five months, it’s called back to reality. I will never do a good swimmer, for sure ,” he says. And running, the most painful discipline for the heavyweight. ” After London, although it was a little lighter, four or five kilos, he had not finished jogging, he stopped after ten minutes. There, he held 31 minutes without s stop “, welcomed his coach Franck Chambily on LCI.
Yet it was with a smile that Teddy Riner had exposed himself in a video published on his page Instagram earlier this week …