Teen Wolf Season 6: 3 things to remember from the first teaser!

Cinema 18 May, 2017

The first images of Teen Wolf’s season 6B were unveiled a few days ago. We can now take stock of the three things to remember about this teaser!
Season 6 of Teen Wolf is highly anticipated . The final episodes of MTV’s TV show will be unveiled this summer and one thing is for sure, the emotion will be there. We will have to bid farewell to our favorite characters. If the wait becomes unsustainable, the very first images of this season 6B were unveiled a few days ago, what allow us to wait! They were explosive and announced the color! Scott, Lydia, Malia and the rest of the pack will be in great danger . One thing is certain, that the writers have put the package to close the show in beauty! While waiting for the few months that still separate us from its diffusion, discover three things to remember of this first teaser.
1. An agonizing atmosphere …
As we can see in this first teaser of Teen Wolf ‘s season 6B , the last episodes will be anxious and full of emotions. The atmosphere is heavy and heavy. The new threat is promising. Scott and his pack will not be at the end of their surprises. But who will be the new big bad of the show? We will definitely shiver!
2. The presence of Scott, Lydia and Malia
We can also see that Scott, Malia and Lydia will be present in the final episodes of Season 6 of Teen Wolf. The showrunner remains very discreet about the rest of the series. We are afraid that some characters will be absent when the TV show returns. Besides, no allusion to Stile was made … Will Scott’s best friend come back to Beacon Hills to bid farewell? That’s what we all want!
3. Chris Silver
Let’s finish with the fact that Scott had a flashback of Chris Silver and that he seems terrified and completely disoriented. The werewolf hunter should return to perpetuate his family’s legacy. His return leaves a hope for the character of Allison. The fans would dream of seeing Crystal Reed for an episode. Will the writers raise this wish? While waiting to find out, find out what big turnaround is coming in Teen Wolf’s season 6B! And what do you remember about this trailer?