Teen Wolf Season 6: A new promo worrying about Ghost Riders unveiled

Cinema 6 November, 2016

While season 6 Teen Wolf will start in less than 2 weeks, MTV has unveiled a new promo worrying about the arrival of the Ghost Riders.

teen-wolf-saison-6-stiles-malia-theo-mtvWatch out! It tells you and repeat it constantly, season 6 of Teen Wolf will be an event. And not just because it is the ultimate episodes. No no. Producers and screenwriters have put the package to deliver the 20 best episodes . And while you were told that a new emotional promo was unveiled this season 6 during the week, the American chain that produces and disseminates the program, MTV, just put online a new promo equally intense. Centered on the arrival in town of the new villains, the video you can already see below also focuses on the enemies of the pack that has been encountered in previous seasons . Will we see some? The question needs to be asked.

Of course, the opportunity to review some of these enemies would not be bad. But production has probably wanted to honor them before they do encounter those who will terrorize the pack for the first 10 episodes of the last season. While Tyler Posey recently said that “Teen Wolf team is like [his] second family” , it goes without saying that we are also committed to all these people. Whether actors, producers, showrunners or members of the technical team, all have an amazing job all these years and it can not be too congratulate them! Meanwhile, Teen Wolf returns Tuesday, November 15 on MTV and will be broadcast from November 18 on MTV. Remember! And you, what do you think of this video?