Teen Wolf Season 6: Allison still alive? WTF theory of the week!

Cinema 26 November, 2016

While a character supposed to be dead has resurfaced in the season 6 of Teen Wolf, Allison is also alive? This is the WTF rumor of the week!
Next week, Scott will be on the Stiles track in episode 3 of season 6 of Teen Wolf . The werewolf BFF was erased from reality by Ghost Riders but the evil knights of the Wild Hunt have not yet won. Stiles can count on his friends who are trying to regain their memories in order to save him. Scott knows he had a best friend while Lydia is vaguely reminiscent of his last moment with the character of Dylan O’Brien in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . If Stiles also disappeared from the life of Stilinski sheriff, the latter saw reappear a very dear person to his heart, his wife. Claudia is indeed back! In reality, it’s as if the mother Stiles was never part. Yet there was little chance her back because she was died 10 years earlier. The fans then wonder if other characters died in the series, could not come back in Season 6 of Teen Wolf , including Allison. The former girlfriend of Scott will she be back soon in the flesh in Beacon Hill? It’s the WTF rumor of the week!
Stiles seems to be responsible for the death of his mother. The disappearance of the teenager did reappear in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . If Stiles had never existed, his mother would not have died. Indirectly, Stiles is responsible for the death of Allison, at the time when he became the nogitsune. Impossible not to see a link between the two women. Without Stiles, Allison might be still alive. Scott might be surprised to see his ex-girlfriend very soon land on Beacon Hill. Allison is one of the favorite characters from the fans. His interpreter, Crystal Reed had returned in season 5 of the series and showrunner had said that if he found a way to bring her back, it could reappear. In addition, Crystal Reed had confided that she would be available for the series. So can we expect to see her again? While waiting to learn more, do not miss the statements of Jeff Davis about the index revealed the real name of Stiles in Season 6 of Teen Wolf. And you think Allison she could still be alive in season 6 of Teen Wolf?