Teen Wolf Season 6: Cody Christian (Theo) tease

Cinema 30 May, 2017

Teen Wolf’s 6B season remains a mystery to fans. However, it seems that Cody Christian, who plays Theo in the series has teased the rest of the episodes. Discover how!
Fans can not wait for Teen Wolf’s 6B season, the first pictures of which were unveiled several days ago. It is true that this season rhymes with patience … The last episodes of Jeff Davis’ show TV remain a mystery and the date of diffusion has not yet been revealed. We have almost no information about them … Which characters will be present to close this season 6 in beauty? Stiles? Theo? The Teen Wolf team remains very discreet. However, it seems that Cody Christian, who plays Theo Raeken on the screen has unveiled some spoilers . Then Scott’s ex-enemy and his pack will appear in the credits of these last episodes and especially, Will he join Scott’s pack? We must believe that yes and here is the proof!
Even though Theo Raeken was not one of Teen Wolf’s most appreciated characters, it must be admitted that it can be of great help to our heroes. Cody Christian shared a picture of his character, taken from Teen Wolf’s season 6B, on his Instagram account. We see Theo alone and without shirt in the clinic of Deaton. Does that mean that this character will become an official member of Scott’s pack? Can Alpha the Werewolf forgive his mistakes? We know that this season 6B of Teen Wolf will be agonizing and that the new threat will be formidable. So we can only hope that Scott will benefit from all the possible help and in particular that of Theo … But while waiting to have more of more, Information on Season 6B from Teen Wolf, find out what new role Holland Roden (Lydia) has won! What do you think of this photo ?