Teen Wolf Season 6: Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) he will be present in the future?

Cinema 16 November, 2016

Season 6 Teen Wolf began last night on MTV and a question is on everyone’s lips: Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) he will be in the future?

teen-wolf-season-6-saison-6-stiles-lydiaRemember I love you . This is undoubtedly the replica that it will retain the first season of Teen Wolf aired last night in the US. Full of twists and turns, this first episode ended with the death of Stiles, our favorite character. Only now, it is whether the actor who embodies, Dylan O’Brien, will really be out for a good part of the next episodes … While it was revealed there is little you what 5 things to know about the new episodes of Teen Wolf , we are obliged to tell you that yes, Dylan O’Brien may be a little less present in the suite. But rest assured, the actor will return soon. Obviously, the accident which Dylan O’Brien was a victim on the set of the Labyrinth 3 in March is no stranger to this absence. But that’s not all.
For purely scriptwriting reasons, it is important that Stiles is really missing . Yes, we must increase the pressure and develop other plots such as the return of Theo and Corey Mason-romance! I know it makes you sad and we’re all in this situation. But all is not lost. Dylan O’Brien should be rare during a few episodes but will not be completely absent. And this is quite logical because the character he plays, Stiles, is the perhaps most important of Teen Wolf . Moreover, the character is incredibly pragmatic and resourceful . We have seen in the first season, when he realizes that it is useless to try to escape the Ghost Riders. Nevertheless, we will have to face the facts: 6 this season is likely to be painful for all fans of Dylan O’Brien! MTV takes on a real risk but it seems calculated and downright daring.
In addition, you will probably agree with me when I say that this first part should be the most exciting precisely because the search Stiles is important. Present for the driver, Stiles has long been taken for granted. But at a time when the characters will soon leave for college, Jeff Davis does well to remind viewers that nothing is ever and that we must always watch over those we love . Designed as a tribute to one of the best characters in Teen Wolf , this first part should look like the second part of season 3, when Stiles was possessed by a nogitsune. Again the focus of the series, the character is all the more incredible . In other news, notice that Holland Roden (Lydia) returned exclusively for melty on the end of Teen Wolf . The interview is to read urgently! And you, what do you think of Dylan O’Brien?